An Update on Life.

2010-08-17 15:00:52 by Gooch

Yeah I know. I haven't been posting on here at all recently. I haven't abandoned the site though. I've been still active on watching movies and playing a lot of games. I just haven't been consumed with the internet as much as I have been in past years.

A lot of that has to do with the new job I have. I'm a casino dealer now. I have to say that I feel like I have the coolest fuckin' job in the world right now. Getting paid to deal cards and interact with all different forms of people is almost too good to be true. I've been at this job for two months now, and I tell you, it sure as hell beats going back to working at a grain elevator.

So that's my update on what's going on in my life right now. Things are pretty sweet now if you ask me.


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2010-08-17 17:06:44

Cool. I could never do that job; I'm handicapped when it goes to dealing cards.


2010-08-20 05:08:39

oh man, that's fucking cool... congrats!


2010-08-22 00:55:52

Good to hear from ya. Miss you being a mod though.


2010-08-27 04:09:39

Hope you cope with the degenerates better than I did. I just got fired from the casino I worked at after 3 years. But I didn't have the sweet gig you've got. Put away that bankroll bro, learn all the games and keep your mouth shut 'cause dealin' is the best non-college job you can have. I'd bet it even beats out garbage man.


2010-09-01 16:27:43

Good to see you are still around :D

Good luck


2010-09-19 00:04:03

So do players ever give you the occasional tip?
Do you get a cut of what your table makes at the end of the night?

Gooch responds:

I do make some decent tips every now and then. The tips are pooled together at the end of each pay period and divided up as an hourly wage.


2010-11-19 02:36:39

Looks like you're enjoying life. Keep enjoying it.

Gooch responds:

I am bud. Haven't even mentioned the fact I've dropped damn-near twenty pounds since I started workin' there too. Outside of my personal life, things are good.


2011-03-25 16:36:36

Dude i've lost 20 pounds too!


2012-03-11 18:32:13

only posting because of 311 day. Did you see Rubber/