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You know, that started out so innocent, spun into something eerily demented, and then finished off with a nice, playful laugh with the kick to the nuts. There are elements of this that I like, such as the concept and the music. The graphics aren't too bad, but I feel like there needs to be a bit more substance, like a setting, or maybe a reason why The Strange Man became the way he is. That seems like a good idea for a next flash.

Overall, this isn't too bad at all. I feel like maybe if you give your character some development, this could possibly develop into a series. I honestly think it has the potential to become something.

Marioguy888 responds:

I really appreciate your review, it's the most constructive and enjoyable comment I've seen. This is the type of feedback I like, honest, detailed and to the point.

But to answer your question about the characters, setup and development, I will try to extend the development of the characters and their personalities when I do make a series, which I am coincidentally planning.

Although, part of the personality of The Strange Man is that he isn't that well known and creepy like Salad Fingers. Which I feel builds a fear, not knowing your nightmare or knowing what it'll do next. The setup however, is something I wish I improved upon, because you have no idea where they are, and why the setting would be fitting for the current situation. The creator of course has an image of where the characters should be, but the viewer doesn't.

But I do fully agree with you and a lot of things you said are actually things and subjects I'm trying to improve upon.

I've been there before as far as food goes. The reality is nowhere near the expectation. It depicts the struggle that is cooking and eating at restaurants. As far as the graphics were, they weren't the best. However, I think the story being told relates to everyday scenarios we have issue with, so I did like that.

Randomation responds:

I'm glad you liked the video. Daniel and I were aiming to make two scenarios that were realistic to real life and one that was just for fun. I appreciate your review of the artwork as well. I will work on improving.

I think it's a start. I understand it is a work in progress, but I think you might have something here. It will need a little bit more substance, though. Obviously, getting some sound effects in there never hurts. However, I still feel it has potential once it gets rounded into form.

William-Turner responds:

Thanks, mate.

Yeah, progress on it has frozen because the Flash on the computer I'm using freezes every twenty minutes while this animation file is open. School-issued Macbook, so it's not the best and greatest for this sort of thing.

Yeah, I've been meaning to add sound effects, but again, it's a pain in the arse to even go back and look at one of the scenes- that, and sound might make my Flash lag up even more.

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Quite the enjoyable game. I had a lot of fun with it. Nice and short, but it has a lot to cover. Merry Christmas.

Aprime responds:

Thank you so much :D

I liked the simplicity of this game. Pretty straightforward. Could it have been beneficial to have some music on it? Perhaps, but I don't feel it's completely necessary. It might keep the players a little bit more engaged, but the premise alone for the game is fun. Putting time limits on the medals makes the game worth coming back to, as well. It's like a challenge within a challenge. Overall, I would say you have a cool game here.

DasSG responds:

Thank you for a generous review.

Most reviewers mentioned lack of music for a game initially designed to be 3 minutes long and that's something I haven't really considered. When the goal is to focus on searching - will the music help most players ? My answer was no, not really.

Being as it's your first game, I'd say it's a pretty good one. Nothing too flashy, but it is a fun, simple concept with a bit of challenge to it. If I had to make a medal suggestion, I'd say throw one in there for trying to collect all the cherries in the levels. That would make it even more challenging for most players. Overall, I'd say it's a great first game from you.

Zebirosca responds:

Thanks a lot.

I'll try do that.

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Insanely catchy. Very imaginative. Dope as shit. I'm supposed to be having a little get-together over the weekend where a lot of my friends are going to be getting drunk and throw around some battle rapping. I'm using this for damn sure if this goes down for my beat.

B-RadGfromOV responds:

thanks chief! get it in the freestyle sesh for sure!

I thought it was pretty cool. A little slow starting up, but it had a nice, mysterious sound. The last thirty seconds or so of it was my favorite part. Those little tweaks and noises towards the end had my head bobbing. Overall, nice work.

phosphorusprocedure responds:

Oh, thanks! The stuff at the end was transposing all the sounds up an octave, and then back down an octave. I do that stuff all the time, it tends to sound pretty cool.


I really haven't heard anything else like this in the audio portal before. Right off the bat, it kind of reminds you of a circus-like beat, only with a cool techno spin thrown in there. I like how the bass drum keeps a steady and consistent beat throughout the song, and how there's subtle change throughout with they synthesizer sounds. I feel like I'm at a circus rave listening to this.

Lucovic responds:

Thanks 4 the review dude ^^

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Sweet Stuff.

You know, I still have this as my background on my Pokerstars table. I always thought that it was a calming picture by the shades of blue used, yet at the same time, really sweetens itself by showing the Zodiac signs in a unique universal way. Respect, man.

Heh, Strange Brew.

I love this picture. I might have to save it as my screensaver. You took the two guys from one of my favorite movies and put them on a cereal box for a fake cereal in Canada. Everything aboutt the picture is funny as hell, and I love the style of art that it's done in, as well. Well done.

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